Help and Faqs

How are electricity bills and gas charged?

Each plot is separately metered and are invoiced in June and December .

What should I do about property insurance?

All properties must be insured, and insurance arrangements should be made through the Park management, and we offer favourable insurance rates through our specially negotiated insurance scheme. The premium is payable annually.

What official regulations do I have to abide by for a holiday home or lodge?

You will receive a written Code of Practice and Licence Agreement developed by the British Holiday and Home Parks Association.

What if I want to sell my property?

Under your Pitch Agreement, you are entitled to sell your holiday home or lodge privately to a third party.

What are the age limits to ownership of properties?

There are no upper age limits to ownership. Anyone over 18 can own a property.

Can I bring my dog to Caerwys View?

Dogs are welcome, but please consider other park users at all times. Dogs must always be kept on a lead, and should not be exercised on the Park. Please take appropriate measures concerning dog fouling and cleaning up.

Is Wi Fi available on the park?

Yes Wi Fi is available on the park and is free to all owners

Do you have any information you can send me?

Yes, we’ll be pleased to send you a brochure pack. You can request a Caerwys View Brochure by filling out the form on the contact us page of our web site or by calling Caerwys View on 01352 720748

How long is your season?

The season at Caerwys View is 12 months

What are the annual running costs?

We charge you separately for pitch fee, insurance, rates, gas and electric. It’s hard for us to come up with an exact figure as things like electricity are charged based upon how much you use.

For 2016 season the pitch fee for a static caravan holiday home will are £3,000 + VAT
For 2016 season the pitch fee for a luxury lodge holiday home will are £3,500 + VAT
Council Business Rates, Refuse, Recycling & Water are charged at £288 plus VAT

Insurance would depend upon the value of the caravan that you purchase.

Do I own the land my caravan is situated on?

No, but you have the right to use the pitch as long as you pay your pitch fee and abide by the Park rules or until your contract expires.

Can I live in my caravan and make it my main residence?

No, this is something we are very strict about. You must own an alternative property elsewhere; we cannot accept the addresses of relatives and friends. Your caravan can only be used for holiday and recreational purposes; this is set out in the Park licence issued by the local Council. The Park or the Council can terminate the contract of anyone they believe to be using a caravan on Caerwys View as a permanent residence.